Which histologic findings are characteristic of cystic teratoma?

Updated: Nov 22, 2019
  • Author: Chad A Hamilton, MD; Chief Editor: Yukio Sonoda, MD  more...
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In cystic teratomas, the outside of the tumor wall is usually lined with native tissue. The cavity of the cyst is often lined with keratinized squamous epithelium and usually contains abundant sebaceous and sweat glands. Hair and other dermal appendages are usually present. Occasionally, the cyst wall is lined with bronchial or gastrointestinal epithelium. Foreign body giant cell reactions may be seen in various parts of the tumor and may, in the case of intraperitoneal teratomas, lead to formation of extensive adhesions if the tumor contents are spilled.

Ectodermal tissue encountered may include brain, glia, neural tissue, retina, choroids, and ganglia. Mesodermal tissue is represented by bone, cartilage, smooth muscle, and fibrous tissue. [48, 50] One report describes a 7-cm ovarian teratoma containing a mandiblelike structure with 8 well-formed teeth. [51]

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