What is the role of tocolysis in the management of premature rupture of membranes (PROM)?

Updated: Dec 11, 2017
  • Author: Allahyar Jazayeri, MD, PhD, FACOG, DACOG, FSMFM; Chief Editor: Carl V Smith, MD  more...
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The most common cause of labor in the setting of PPROM is underlying chorioamnionitis. The use of tocolysis in that setting is not justified. No data indicate that administering tocolysis benefits the neonate. [25] In one study, prophylactic tocolysis was found to briefly prolong latency. In another study by Jazayeri et al, latency was shorter when magnesium sulfate was given. [26] The use of tocolysis, unlike corticosteroids and antibiotics, should be considered only when a clear clinical benefit exists, such as in transport of the mother to a tertiary institution with a NICU.

Source Article: Premature Rupture of Membranes: Medical Treatment of PPROM

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