Which factors increase the risk for endometritis?

Updated: Apr 25, 2019
  • Author: Michel E Rivlin, MD; Chief Editor: Michel E Rivlin, MD  more...
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The following factors increase the risk for endometritis in general:

  • Presence of an intrauterine device: the vaginal part of the device may serve as a track for the organisms to ascend into the uterus

    • The intrauterine device as a factor in the etiology of pelvic inflammatory disease was associated with early forms of the device, in particular, the Dalkon Shield. The incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease is not higher in users of modern intrauterine devices than in non-users. [3, 4, 5]
  • Presence of menstrual fluid in the uterus

  • Associated cervicitis secondary to gonorrhea or Chlamydia infection

  • Associated bacterial vaginosis [13, 14]

  • Frequent douching

  • Unprotected sexual activity

  • Multiple sexual partners

  • Cervical ectopy

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