How can Zika virus be transmitted other than by mosquito bite?

Updated: Dec 11, 2018
  • Author: Bhagyashri D Navalkele, MD, MBBS; Chief Editor: Michael Stuart Bronze, MD  more...
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Until recently, the mosquito was the only known vector for Zika virus transmission. As the infection spreads, new possible routes of transmission facilitating human-to-human spread of the virus without an intermediate vector have been discovered. The CDC has issued interim guidelines advising sexual abstinence or regular use of condoms to prevent the spread of Zika virus to sexual partners, especially during pregnancy. [24] Probable Zika virus transmission from blood transfusion has yet to be confirmed. [25] Few countries outside the United States are restricting blood transfusion from returning travelers after travel to Zika virus outbreak zones for at least 28 days after return.

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