Which medications in the drug class Aldosterone Antagonists, Selective are used in the treatment of Hypokalemia?

Updated: Dec 06, 2018
  • Author: Eleanor Lederer, MD, FASN; Chief Editor: Vecihi Batuman, MD, FASN  more...
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Aldosterone Antagonists, Selective

These agents selectively block aldosterone binding at mineralocorticoid receptors. They may be used as potassium-sparing diuretics.

Spironolactone (Aldactone)

Spironolactone is used to manage edema resulting from excessive aldosterone excretion. It competes with aldosterone for receptor sites in distal renal tubules, resulting in increased water excretion and retention of potassium and hydrogen ions.

Eplerenone (Inspra)

Eplerenone selectively blocks aldosterone at the mineralocorticoid receptors in epithelial (eg, renal) and nonepithelial (eg, heart, blood vessel, and brain) tissues; thus, it decreases blood pressure and sodium reabsorption. It is more selective for mineralocorticoid receptors than spironolactone and thus has a lower incidence of side effects associated with androgen antagonism, such as gynecomastia.

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