Which medications in the drug class Electrolytes are used in the treatment of Hyperchloremic Acidosis?

Updated: Oct 18, 2018
  • Author: Sai-Ching Jim Yeung, MD, PhD, FACP; Chief Editor: Romesh Khardori, MD, PhD, FACP  more...
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Electrolytes are used to correct disturbances in fluid and electrolyte homoeostasis or acid-base balance and to reestablish the osmotic equilibrium of specific ions.

Potassium chloride (Klor-Con, Micro-K, Epiklor)

Potassium chloride is essential for the transmission of nerve impulses, the contraction of cardiac muscle, the maintenance of intracellular tonicity, skeletal and smooth muscle function, and the maintenance of normal renal function.

Gradual potassium depletion occurs via renal excretion, through GI loss, or because of low intake. Depletion usually results from diuretic therapy, primary or secondary hyperaldosteronism, diabetic ketoacidosis, severe diarrhea (if associated with vomiting), or inadequate replacement during prolonged parenteral nutrition.

Potassium depletion sufficient to cause a 1-mEq/L decrease in serum potassium requires the loss of approximately 100-200 mEq of potassium from total body stores.

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