Which physical findings are characteristic of skin and soft tissue infection in Vibrio infections?

Updated: Jun 21, 2021
  • Author: Hoi Ho, MD; Chief Editor: Michael Stuart Bronze, MD  more...
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After a short incubation period (3-24 h), patients with Vibrio wound infections frequently present with rapidly progressing wound swelling and severe pain.

The majority of such wounds involve the fingers, palms, or soles of the feet.

In milder cases, erythema, edema, and pain are localized to the initial wound, without signs of compartment syndrome, necrosis, gangrene, or necrotizing fasciitis.

In patients with medical conditions such as cirrhosis or malignancies, the wound infection may progress very rapidly, with formation of hemorrhagic bullae and extensive soft-tissue necrosis. [41, 42]

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