Which physical findings suggest chronic schistosomiasis (bilharzia)?

Updated: Jun 11, 2020
  • Author: Shadab Hussain Ahmed, MD, AAHIVS, FACP, FIDSA; Chief Editor: Michael Stuart Bronze, MD  more...
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Findings with chronic schistosomiasis may include the following:

  • Portal hypertension with abdominal distention, hepatosplenomegaly, pedal edema, pallor, distended abdominal veins, and ascites

  • Intestinal polyposis with heme-positive stool, pallor, and signs of malnutrition

  • CNS symptoms, including focal neurologic findings, seizures, and spinal cord lesions

  • Renal failure with anemia and hypertension

  • Cor pulmonale with signs of right heart failure

  • Genital lesions, including ulceration, hypertrophic lesions, or nodular lesions of the cervix, vulva, or vagina or vesicovaginal fistula (external vulvar or perianal lesions develop in 30% of women; women develop uterine enlargement, menstrual disorders, cervicitis, and infertility [6] Such genital lesions increase vulnerability to HIV infection. [42]

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