Which medications in the drug class Analgesics, Topical are used in the treatment of Nerve Entrapment Syndromes of the Lower Extremity?

Updated: Oct 15, 2019
  • Author: Minoo Hadjari Hollis, MD; Chief Editor: Thomas M DeBerardino, MD  more...
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Analgesics, Topical

Analgesics may aid in decreasing the severity of pain.

Lidocaine anesthetic (Topicaine, Lido Patch, Lidoderm 5% patch)

Several studies support topical administration of lidocaine as treatment of postherpetic neuralgia. In a placebo-controlled study, lidocaine gel (5%) yielded significant relief in 23 patients studied. Lidocaine tape also decreases the severity of pain.

Capsaicin topical (Capzasin-P, Trixaicin, Zostrix)

Capsaicin is a natural chemical derived from plants of the Solanaceae family. By depleting and preventing reaccumulation of substance P in peripheral sensory neurons, capsaicin may render treated areas insensitive to pain. Substance P is thought to be a chemomediator of pain transmission from the periphery to the CNS.

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