What is the anatomy of the ilioinguinal nerve in nerve entrapment syndromes of the lower extremity?

Updated: Oct 15, 2019
  • Author: Minoo Hadjari Hollis, MD; Chief Editor: Thomas M DeBerardino, MD  more...
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The ilioinguinal nerve arises from the fusion of T12 and L1 nerve roots and emerges from the lateral border of the psoas muscle; it traverses the anterior abdominal wall to the iliac crest just inferior to the hypogastric nerve.

Adjacent to the anterior margin of the iliac crest, the ilioinguinal nerve pierces the transversus abdominis and the internal oblique muscle (providing neural branches to these) and sending neural branches to the iliohypogastric nerve. It then supplies sensory branches to supply the pubic symphysis, the superior and medial aspect of the femoral triangle, and either the root of the penis and anterior scrotum (in males) or the mons pubis and labia majora (in females).

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