Which medications in the drug class Antidotes, Other are used in the treatment of Calcium Channel Blocker Toxicity?

Updated: Jan 04, 2021
  • Author: B Zane Horowitz, MD, FACMT; Chief Editor: Michael A Miller, MD  more...
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Antidotes, Other

Activated charcoal adsorbs ingested medication remaining in the GI system and creates a concentration gradient to "pull back" medication circulating in the blood stream. Cathartics increase GI transit time.

Activated charcoal (Actidose-Aqua, EZ-Char, Kerr Insta-Char)

Activated charcoal is used in emergency treatment for poisoning caused by drugs and chemicals. A network of pores adsorbs 100-1000 mg of drug per gram. Administer it as soon as possible after poison ingestion. Repeated doses may help to lower systemic levels of ingested compounds, especially sustained-release preparations. In adults , activated charcoal is usually administered with sorbitol in alternating doses. Sorbitol should be avoided in children.

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