When are medications indicated in the treatment of hypercalciuria?

Updated: Jun 02, 2021
  • Author: Stephen W Leslie, MD, FACS; Chief Editor: Vecihi Batuman, MD, FASN  more...
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Medical therapy is used to treat hypercalciuria whenever dietary treatment alone is inadequate, ineffective, unsustainable, or intolerable for the patient. [5] Generally, medical therapy should be used together with dietary treatment for optimal results and health.

Medications used in the treatment of hypercalciuria include the following:

  • Diuretics - Thiazides, indapamide, and amiloride

  • Orthophosphates - Neutral phosphate

  • Bisphosphonates - Alendronate

  • Calcium-binding agents - Sodium cellulose phosphate; rarely used

Combination therapy with multiple medicines is possible and recommended in unusual or difficult cases. [43] Occasionally, ketoconazole and dipyridamole are useful in lowering vitamin-D levels in selected patients.

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