What are the treatments options for vestibular neuronitis-related acute vertigo?

Updated: Mar 13, 2017
  • Author: Hesham M Samy, MD, PhD; Chief Editor: Robert A Egan, MD  more...
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A brief course of antiemetic and vestibular suppressants is usually needed in the acute phase but should be withdrawn as soon as possible to facilitate the process of central vestibular compensation. [11] Corticosteroids may improve long-term outcomes. Early vestibular rehabilitation is important. [11] Antiviral medications have not proved helpful, possibly because a large spectrum of viruses can cause vestibular neuronitis. The pharmacological treatment of choice for acute vestibular neuritis is oral steroids beginning as soon as possible with gradual tapering of the dose. One third of patients have chronic vestibular symptoms and develop benign paroxysmal positioning vertigo (BPPV).

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