How are nosocomial infections prevented in botulism?

Updated: Feb 15, 2019
  • Author: Kirk M Chan-Tack, MD; Chief Editor: Pranatharthi Haran Chandrasekar, MBBS, MD  more...
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Measures to reduce the risk of nosocomial infections include the following:

  • Close observation for hospital-acquired infections - Especially pneumonia (particularly aspiration pneumonia); precaution against aspiration is also necessary

  • Close observation for urinary tract infection

  • Meticulous skin care - To prevent decubital ulcers and skin breakdown

Careful attention to peripheral and central intravenous catheters with regular site rotation to reduce the risks of thrombophlebitis, cellulitis, and line infections should be part of the patient’s supportive care.

See Treatment and Medication for more detail.

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