What is the prevalence of factor V deficiency?

Updated: Mar 09, 2021
  • Author: Olga Kozyreva, MD; Chief Editor: Perumal Thiagarajan, MD  more...
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Fewer than 200 cases of congenital factor V deficiency have been reported worldwide since 1943. Homozygous factor V deficiency is rare, occurring in approximately 1 per million population.

Delev et al presented 39 German patients with factor V deficiency. [8] In 36 cases with an identifiable causative mutation, 20 patients were heterozygous for the mutation, whereas 9 were homozygous, 6 were compound heterozygous, and 1 proband was pseudohomozygous. [8] There were no mutations found in the remaining 3 patients.

The investigators identified 33 uniquely different mutations of a total 42 genetic mutations: 19 missense mutations, 8 nonsense mutations, 4 small deletions, and 2 splice site mutations. [8] Of the 33 unique mutations, 23 were novel sequence variations not previously reported, and all changes found in exon 13 led to null alleles as nonsense mutations or small deletions.

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