Which medications in the drug class Clotting factors are used in the treatment of Factor XIII Deficiency?

Updated: Aug 01, 2019
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Clotting factors

FXIII is the terminal enzyme in the blood coagulation cascade; when activated by thrombin at the site of vessel wall injury, FXIII plays an important role in the maintenance of hemostasis through cross-linking of fibrin and other proteins in the fibrin clot. FXIII is a proenzyme that is activated, in the presence of calcium ion, by thrombin cleavage of the A-subunit to become activated FXIII (FXIIIa). It promotes cross-linking of fibrin during coagulation and is essential to the physiological protection of the clot against fibrinolysis.

Factor XIII A-subunit, recombinant (Tretten)

FXIII A-subunit recombinant is a human factor XIII-A2 homodimer composed of 2 FXIII A-subunits. It is indicated for routine prevention of bleeding in patients with congenital Factor XIII A-subunit deficiency.

Factor XIII concentrate, human (Corifact)

Temporarily replaces missing clotting factor XIII which corrects and/or prevents bleeding. It is indicated for routine prophylactic treatment of congenital factor XIII (FXIII) deficiency.

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