Which medications in the drug class Blood Products are used in the treatment of Factor XIII Deficiency?

Updated: Aug 01, 2019
  • Author: Robert A Schwartz, MD, MPH; Chief Editor: Perumal Thiagarajan, MD  more...
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Blood Products

Use antifibrinolytic agents with fresh frozen plasma (FFP) replacement for minor surgical procedures (eg, dental extractions or sinus surgery) so that the surgery can be accomplished on an outpatient basis with the use of a single dose of product.

Concern remains regarding the possible relationship to acute thrombotic events, although a causal relationship is being questioned because the underlying disease state determines the site and extent of thrombosis.

Fresh frozen plasma (FFP, Octaplas)

Plasma is the fluid compartment of blood containing the soluble clotting factors. Octaplas is a solvent detergent treated, pooled FFP.

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