What are considerations for apolipoprotein A-I (Apo-A1) testing?

Updated: Aug 02, 2019
  • Author: Georges Elhomsy, MD, ECNU, FACE; Chief Editor: Eric B Staros, MD  more...
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Serum Apo-A1 is not considered a routine test for cardiovascular disease risk assessment.

Overnight fasting might not be necessary to evaluate apo-A1, but most of the laboratories still commend it.

Apo-A1 Milano is a naturally occurring mutant of Apo-A1 associated with a very low HDL level but apparent longevity and much less atherosclerosis than expected for their HDL-C levels. [7]

A defect in the Apo-A1 gene (APOA1) can cause HDL deficiency and systemic nonneuropathic amyloidosis.

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