What are the endocarditis antibiotic prophylaxis regimens for children?

Updated: Jul 12, 2021
  • Author: Samah Alasrawi, MD; Chief Editor: Buck Christensen  more...
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The most common cause of endocarditis for dental, oral, respiratory tract, or esophageal procedures is S viridans (alpha-hemolytic streptococci). Antibiotic regimens for endocarditis prophylaxis are directed toward S viridans, and the recommended standard prophylactic regimen is a single dose of oral amoxicillin. Amoxicillin, ampicillin, and penicillin V are equally effective in vitro against alpha-hemolytic streptococci; however, amoxicillin is preferred because of superior gastrointestinal absorption that provides higher and more sustained serum levels.

All pediatric doses shown below are administered once as a single dose 30-60 minutes before the procedure. 6

Clindamycin is no longer recommended for antibiotic prophylaxis for a dental procedure. 6


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