Which medications in the drug class Coagulation Factors are used in the treatment of Factor IX Deficiency (Hemophilia B)?

Updated: Mar 09, 2021
  • Author: Robert A Schwartz, MD, MPH; Chief Editor: Srikanth Nagalla, MD, MS, FACP  more...
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Coagulation Factors

For use in patients with FIX deficiency.

Factor IX, recombinant (BeneFIX, Rixubis, Alprolix, Ixinity, Rebinyn)

Recombinant factor IX (rFIX) is indicated for control and treatment of spontaneous or surgery-related bleeding or prevention of bleeding in patients proven to be deficient in FIX. It is used as first-line therapy, particularly in previously untreated patients, owing to its safety regarding common virally transmitted illnesses associated with nonrecombinant products.

In vivo recovery of rFIX is lower than that obtained with plasma-derived products.

Factor IX (AlphaNine SD, Mononine)

Factor IX prevents and treats spontaneous or surgery-associated bleeding in patients with proven FIX deficiency. As with any factor replacement therapy, documenting actual recovery for a given dose and product is essential in every patient.

Factor IX complex (Bebulin, Profilnine SD, Bebulin VH)

Factor IX complex is standardized in terms of factor IX content, and each vial is labeled for the factor IX content. One IU of factor IX corresponds to the activity of factor IX in 1 mL of fresh normal human plasma. It also contains factor II, factor X, and low (nontherapeutic) levels of factor VII.

Factor VIIa, recombinant (NovoSeven RT, Sevenfact)

Factor VIIa is indicated for treatment of bleeding episodes in hemophilia A or B with inhibitors. FVIIa activates conversion of Factor X to Factor Xa, which initiates the common pathway of the coagulation cascade; prothrombin is activated to thrombin, which then converts fibrinogen to fibrin to form a hemostatic plug, thereby achieving clot formation at the site of hemorrhage (hemostasis) Dosage of brands differ.  

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