What is the prognosis of biliary colic and acute cholecystitis?

Updated: Jan 18, 2017
  • Author: Peter A D Steel, MBBS, MA; Chief Editor: Barry E Brenner, MD, PhD, FACEP  more...
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In patients with diabetes who have biliary colic, acute cholecystitis occurs more frequently compared with the nondiabetic population. Furthermore, diabetic patients with cholecystitis are more likely experience complications. [43]

Uncomplicated cholecystitis has a low mortality; however, mortality can be as high as 15% in immunocompromised patients. In addition, complicated cholecystitis has up to a 25% mortality rate: Emphysematous gallbladder of infection by gas-forming organisms (eg, Clostridium species) is more common in patients with diabetes and men, with a 15% mortality, and gangrenous or empyema of the gallbladder carries 25% mortality. Perforation of the gallbladder occurs in 3-15% of patients with cholecystitis and is associated with a 60% mortality rate.

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