Which medications in the drug class Ophthalmic agents, Miscellaneous are used in the treatment of Psoriasis?

Updated: Mar 17, 2021
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Ophthalmic agents, Miscellaneous

Artificial tears are used to treat dry eye irritation. Many types of artificial tears are available over the counter. In mild cases, preserved tears can be used. In severe cases, only nonpreserved tears should be used. Preserved tears include GenTeal, Refresh Tears, and Tears Naturale II. Nonpreserved tears include Refresh, Refresh Plus, OcuCoat, Bion, and Hypo Tears PF.

Artificial tears (Tears Naturale Forte, BionTears, HypoTears, Murine Tears)

Artificial tears contain the equivalent of 0.9% NaCl and are used to maintain ocular tonicity. They act to stabilize and thicken precorneal tear film and prolong tear film breakup time, which occurs with dry eye states.

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