Which medications in the drug class Blood Components are used in the treatment of Hemorrhagic Stroke?

Updated: Apr 22, 2019
  • Author: David S Liebeskind, MD, FAAN, FAHA, FANA; Chief Editor: Andrew K Chang, MD, MS  more...
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Blood Components

These agents are indicated for the correction of abnormal hemostatic parameters.

Fresh frozen plasma

Plasma, the fluid component of blood, contains the blood's soluble clotting factors. FFP is created by separating plasma from a unit of blood and freezing it for use in patients with blood-product deficiencies.


Platelets are fragments of large bone marrow cells found in the blood that play a role in blood coagulation. A single random donor unit of platelets per 10 kg is administered in adults when the platelet count drops below 50,000/µL.

Prothrombin complex concentrate (Bebulin VH, Profilnine SD)

Prothrombin complex concentrate (PCC) is a mixture of vitamin K-dependent clotting factors found in normal plasma that replaces deficient clotting factors, provides an increase in plasma levels of factor IX, and can temporarily correct a coagulation defect in patients with factor IX deficiency. PCC is usually reserved for situations in which volume overload is a concern.

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