What are the dermatomes of the trunk?

Updated: Oct 13, 2017
  • Author: Stephen Kishner, MD, MHA; Chief Editor: Thomas R Gest, PhD  more...
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The dermatomes of the trunk are relatively evenly spaced out; however, considerable overlap of innervations between adjacent dermatomes often occurs. Thus, a loss of afferent nerve function by one spinal nerve would not generally cause complete loss of sensation, but a decrease in sensation may be experienced.

Below, Image 2 depicts and Table 2 describes the trunk dermatomes.

Dermatomes of the trunk and back. Dermatomes of the trunk and back.

Table 2. Dermatomes of the Trunk (Open Table in a new window)

Spinal Component

Skin Distribution

T3 dermatome

Runs along the third and fourth interspace

T4 dermatome

Nipple line

T6 dermatome

At the level of the xiphoid process

T10 dermatome

Level of the umbilicus

T12 dermatome

Just above the hip girdle

Remaining thoracic spinal nerve dermatomes

Relatively evenly distributed between the above-mentioned thoracic dermatomes

L1 dermatome

The hip girdle and the groin/inguinal area

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