How are symptoms of hepatic encephalopathy graded in patients with cirrhosis?

Updated: Jul 30, 2018
  • Author: David C Wolf, MD, FACP, FACG, AGAF, FAASLD; Chief Editor: BS Anand, MD  more...
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The symptoms of hepatic encephalopathy may range from mild to severe and may be observed in as many as 70% of patients with cirrhosis. Symptoms are graded on the following scale:

  • Grade 0 - Subclinical; normal mental status but minimal changes in memory, concentration, intellectual function, coordination

  • Grade 1 - Mild confusion, euphoria or depression, decreased attention, slowing of ability to perform mental tasks, irritability, disorder of sleep pattern (ie, inverted sleep cycle)

  • Grade 2 - Drowsiness, lethargy, gross deficits in ability to perform mental tasks, obvious personality changes, inappropriate behavior, intermittent disorientation (usually with regard to time)

  • Grade 3 - Somnolent, but arousable state; inability to perform mental tasks; disorientation with regard to time and place; marked confusion; amnesia; occasional fits of rage; speech is present but incomprehensible

  • Grade 4 - Coma, with or without response to painful stimuli

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