How is postpartum tubal sterilization performed using the Filshie clip method?

Updated: Jun 18, 2018
  • Author: Nan G O'Connell, MD; Chief Editor: Christine Isaacs, MD  more...
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Filshie clip method

After proper identification of the fallopian tube as above, the tube is followed back to approximately 1-2 cm from the cornua. Using the Filshie applicator designed for laparotomy, the clip is placed in the applicator and the jaws of the clip are opened and advanced around the tube at an angle perpendicular to the tube until the lower jaw of the clip is seen through the mesosalpinx, assuring the entire tube is within the clip. The clip is then slowly applied to the tube using gentle but firm pressure on the finger bar until the stop is reached. Pressure is then slowly released, leaving the clip in place on the fallopian tube. Caution must be taken to avoid lacerating the tube or tearing the mesosalpinx. Next, attention is turned to the remaining side, and the above steps are repeated. Of note, especially edematous tubes are not appropriate for this method.

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