How common is elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) following laser peripheral iridotomy (LPI)?

Updated: Jun 15, 2020
  • Author: Frank X Cao, MD; Chief Editor: C Stephen Foster, MD, FACS, FACR, FAAO, FARVO  more...
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Elevation of IOP after LPI is common. Typically, the increase is transient, lasting less than 24 hours. When an IOP spike occurs, it is usually in the first hour after LPI (as many as 70% of cases) [10] or, less commonly, in the second hour (as many as 40% of cases). [11] A rise in IOP greater than 6 mm Hg occurs in as many as 40% of patients, and an IOP higher than 30 mm Hg is noted in as many as 30%. [11, 12]

To prevent postoperative IOP spike, a drop of topical apraclonidine (0.5% or 1%) or brimonidine (0.1%, 0.15%, or 0.2%) is placed on the eye before LPI. The IOP should be checked within an hour after LPI.

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