Which histologic findings are characteristic of hemochromatosis?

Updated: Apr 03, 2017
  • Author: Andrea Duchini, MD; Chief Editor: Praveen K Roy, MD, AGAF  more...
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Histologic evaluation liver and gallbladder biopsies with Perls Prussian blue staining shows a characteristic pattern of hepatic accumulation. In hemochromatosis, iron accumulates predominantly in hepatocytes and biliary epithelial cells, with relative sparing of Kupffer cells. Typically, a gradient of hepatocyte iron accumulation is present, with prominent involvement of periportal hepatocytes (zone 1) and decreasing intensity near the central vein (zone 3). By contrast, iron accumulation in parenteral iron overload occurs predominantly in Kupffer cells. [78]

Primary liver cancer in patients with hemochromatosis may have a wide histologic spectrum. [79] Some tumors show frequent biliary differentiation. Others arise on a nonfibrotic or cirrhotic liver and are often associated with von Meyenburg complexes and, to a lesser extent, with bile duct adenomas.

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