What are the criteria for performing computer crossmatching?

Updated: Jan 22, 2019
  • Author: Ashok Tholpady, MD, MSc; Chief Editor: Jun Teruya, MD, DSc, FCAP  more...
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In the computer crossmatch, there is no mixing of the donor RBCs and patient serum. Instead, a computer verifies the ABO/Rh compatibility. [4, 6] This procedure may be used in lieu of an immediate-spin phase and antiglobulin crossmatch if certain criteria are met, as follows:

  • The patient's plasma or serum must not have current clinically significant antibodies or a history of clinically significant antibodies found via antibody detection test.

  • The patient's ABO blood group must be typed twice.

  • The computer system must be US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved and validated on site. It must contain the unit number, component name, ABO group/Rh type and the recipient's ABO group/Rh type, and antibody screen results.

  • The system must be able to alert the user to ABO/Rh–incompatible blood and must not issue the donor unit until its ABO/Rh is verified.

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