What are the right coronary artery anatomic findings on coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA)?

Updated: Dec 21, 2017
  • Author: Eugene C Lin, MD; Chief Editor: Eugene C Lin, MD  more...
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The branches from the RCA are called acute marginal or right ventricular marginal arteries. However, the acute marginal branch is also used to refer to the largest marginal artery, which arises at the inferior aspect of the right border of the heart, coursing towards the apex. The marginal arteries usually do not cause significant ischemia and are rarely targets for intervention.

At the inferior aspect of the right atrioventricular groove, the RCA, if dominant, bifurcates into the PDA and posterolateral left ventricular branch. The PDA runs along the undersurface of the heart in the posterior interventricular groove and gives rise to septal perforators supplying the posterior third of the interventricular septum. The posterolateral branch has a hairpin curve (first cephalad, then caudad), and supplies the posterior and lateral left ventricular walls.

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