How are allergic diseases caused by fungi aeroallergens prevented?

Updated: Jul 07, 2019
  • Author: Bhumika Patel, MD; Chief Editor: Michael A Kaliner, MD  more...
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Because most of the fungal spores detected in a home are derived from outdoors, windows and doors should be kept closed as much as possible.

Moisture control

Decrease the indoor humidity level to less than 50%, if possible. Repair leaks, use air conditioning at times of high humidity, ventilate bathrooms and kitchens by using exhaust fans, and heat all rooms in the winter. [101]


A detergent solution with 6% bleach is useful for washable wallpaper and paneling. The disinfectant is prepared by adding 0.25-1.5 cups of bleach per gallon of water. [104] Removal of the contaminated source may be necessary to reduce allergen exposure. Vacuuming frequently may also reduce fungal spore levels. [101]

Air filters

HEPA filters are more effective than electrostatic air filters in removing fungal allergens from the air [35]


Activities such as cleaning and vacuuming can expose the individual to various fungal allergens; therefore, a pollen mask is useful in such situations. [101]

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