How are allergic diseases caused by cockroach aeroallergens prevented?

Updated: Jul 07, 2019
  • Author: Bhumika Patel, MD; Chief Editor: Michael A Kaliner, MD  more...
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An important aspect of cockroach eradication is the proper use of effective pesticides. Because the kitchen is the main source of both food and water for these insects, this room contains the most roach allergen. Pesticide spray is effective, but selective placement of gels or baits is preferred. Potential targets should include any cracks or other points of entry throughout the house.


Before pesticide application, a thorough cleaning is recommended so that the cockroaches are more likely to feed on the gel or bait. All surfaces with potential contact with the insect should be cleaned to reduce allergen levels. Particular attention should be paid to kitchen cabinets and the space around household appliances. The addition of liquid bleach facilitates removal of the allergens. Daily vacuuming of carpets reduces cockroach allergen exposure. [100]

Elimination of food and water supply

Access to food and water should be eliminated to effectively eliminate cockroaches from the home. Food should be stored in sealed containers, and any sources of standing water should be removed. Routine chores such as washing the dishes and removing the trash from the home should be done daily. Food left out overnight promotes cockroach infestation.

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