When skin testing for Hymenoptera venom sensitivity indicated in the evaluation of anaphylaxis?

Updated: May 16, 2018
  • Author: S Shahzad Mustafa, MD; Chief Editor: Michael A Kaliner, MD  more...
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If the patient’s history suggests an insect sting, allergen-specific skin testing to Hymenoptera venoms should be performed. As noted in the 2011 Joint Task Force update on insect hypersensitivity practice parameters, however, if those tests remain negative after 6 weeks in a patient with a serious reaction, then further testing can include in vitro IgE tests. [46] Skin testing and in vitro IgE testing should be performed 4-6 weeks following the episode of anaphylaxis to improve the sensitivity of the diagnostic test. Skin testing for imported fire ant hypersensitivity should be performed using whole-body extracts since venom preparations for the imported fire ant are not commercially available.

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