What are the AHA pediatric guidelines for CPR with use of an AED?

Updated: Sep 15, 2020
  • Author: Catharine A Bon, MD; Chief Editor: Kirsten A Bechtel, MD  more...
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After 2 minutes of CPR, the emergency response system should be activated if not already done. CPR should then be continued until an AED is available. Once an AED arrives, it should be promptly connected to the patient, minimizing interruptions in CPR.

If the patient's rhythm is analyzed and determined to be a "shockable" rhythm, rescuers should clear the patient and deliver a shock. Chest compressions should be reinitiated immediately following the shock and should be continued for 2 minutes before another pulse check and rhythm analysis.

  • If a shockable rhythm is detected, this cycle is repeated.
  • If no shock is advised, chest compressions should be continued for 2 minutes.
  • There should be a pulse check and rhythm analysis every 2 minutes until ALS providers arrive or the patient begins to move.

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