What is solitary plasmacytoma?

Updated: Nov 01, 2018
  • Author: Andrew A Sama, MD; Chief Editor: Jeffrey A Goldstein, MD  more...
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Akin to multiple myeloma as a descendent of plasma cell malignancies, plasmacytoma is a solitary lesion that usually affects the vertebral body. Plasmacytomas generally affect younger patients than multiple myeloma and are associated with a better prognosis. Plasmacytomas eventually can evolve into multiple myeloma; thus, patients should be monitored for more than 20 years following the original diagnosis of plasmacytoma.

The diagnosis is made by biopsy of the lesion, and treatment includes radiation and bracing except in persons with pathologic or impending pathologic fractures. In these individuals, surgical resection and stabilization should be carried out with postoperative adjuvant radiation therapy once 6-8 weeks of postoperative healing has occurred. Patients have greater than 60% 5-year survival rates.

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