What are the treatment options for Kienböck disease?

Updated: Apr 26, 2021
  • Author: David M Lichtman, MD; Chief Editor: Harris Gellman, MD  more...
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Numerous nonoperative and operative options can be used to treat Kienböck disease. The classification scheme proposed by Lichtman provides treatment recommendations based on radiologic staging. [53] Two major factors determine treatment: the presence or absence of ulnar variance and the stage of the disease. Staging directs treatment toward either salvaging the lunate or correcting the altered carpal structure and kinematics. The treatment includes immobilization, revascularization, radial wedge osteotomy, radial shortening, scaphotrapeziotrapezoid or scaphocapitate fusion, and salvage procedures (proximal row carpectomy, wrist arthrodesis).

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