What is the role of vitreous biopsy in the workup of ocular lymphoma?

Updated: Mar 15, 2019
  • Author: Manolette R Roque, MD, MBA, FPAO; Chief Editor: Hampton Roy, Sr, MD  more...
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Vitreous biopsy remains the mainstay of diagnosis for primary central nervous system lymphoma with ocular involvement (PCNSLO). Vitreous aspiration biopsy is a safe technique whose advantage is that it best preserves the cytomorphology. Material is aspirated directly through a 25-gauge needle into a syringe.

A mechanical vitrector provides better management of the tissue during the procedure and also allows more specimens to be obtained. However, specimens are often diluted and appear to undergo some artifactitious change, since malignant lymphocytes are fragile to the effects of mechanical disruption. Material may also be lost in the tubing.

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