Which medications in the drug class Topical antibiotic/corticosteroid suspension/ointment are used in the treatment of Adult Blepharitis?

Updated: Jan 03, 2019
  • Author: R Scott Lowery, MD; Chief Editor: Andrew A Dahl, MD, FACS  more...
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Topical antibiotic/corticosteroid suspension/ointment

Topical corticosteroids, combined with an antibiotic, may be useful in the short-term treatment of blepharitis to decrease inflammation and more quickly diminish symptoms. Long-term use is not recommended. An ointment may be used for blepharitis, while a drop may be needed if associated corneal disease develops.

Sulfacetamide sodium and prednisolone acetate (Blephamide)

Sulfacetamide is an antibiotic that, like erythromycin, has been shown to be effective against staphylococci. The combined corticosteroid is useful in decreasing inflammation and decreasing symptoms. Use of the 2 agents combined has been shown to increase patient compliance. Blephamide is available in an ophthalmic suspension and in an ointment, both containing the same concentrations of active ingredients (10% sulfacetamide/0.2% prednisolone).

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