What are the surgical options for adult blepharitis?

Updated: Jan 03, 2019
  • Author: R Scott Lowery, MD; Chief Editor: Andrew A Dahl, MD, FACS  more...
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In addition, numerous new therapies are available, including the following:

Thermal pulsation therapy: the LipiFlow device (Tear Science) applies a homogenous temperature of 40.5 degrees C to both the anterior and posterior surface of the eyelids. Pulsations then mildly express the infected, inspissated and dead debris from the meibomian glands.

MiBoFlo is a thermal therapy applied to the outer lids in an office setting by a qualified technician.

BlephEx is a rotating light burr applied in office by a qualified technician that debrides the capped and inflamed meibomian orifice allowing for better flow of meibum and better results from other thermally based therapies, including home compresses.

The Maskin probe is a very fine stainless-steel tip applied to the thoroughly anesthetized inspissated meibomian gland orifice by an ophthalmologist. A very light electrical current is applied to facilitate the flow of meibum.

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