Why do men with gynecomastia undergo surgery?

Updated: Mar 22, 2018
  • Author: George Ansstas, MD; Chief Editor: George T Griffing, MD  more...
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A study by Innocenti et al suggested that the reason patients undergo gynecomastia surgery and their level of satisfaction with the operation vary with body type. The report involved adult patients classified according to one of three different body types—high muscle mass, normal, or overweight—who were treated with subcutaneous mastectomy. The investigators found that the primary reason patients with normal body type underwent surgery was emotional distress owing to a feminine appearance. In contrast, most of those with high muscle mass wanted the operation because unsatisfactory contouring of the pectoralis area had damaged their self-confidence, while the majority of patients in the overweight group underwent surgery because they looked upon gynecomastia as a weight disorder. The study also found that patients with normal body type had higher levels of satisfaction with their surgical outcomes than did members of the other two groups. [29]

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