Which activity modifications are used in the treatment of hyphema glaucoma?

Updated: Jul 29, 2020
  • Author: Inci Irak Dersu, MD, MPH; Chief Editor: Hampton Roy, Sr, MD  more...
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Instruct patients to keep activity to a minimum during the first 5 days of hyphema to reduce the chances of a rebleed. Although no evidence exists regarding ambulation versus bed rest and whether one is superior to the other in the prevention of rebleeding, limiting activity is wise to avoid new injuries.

A single or binocular patch does not affect the outcome regarding visual acuity or time of rebleed.

Hyphemas in infants and children are difficult to treat because preventing a rebleed is paramount. The importance of limiting a child's activity over the first 72 hours cannot be overemphasized to the caregivers. Watching television from a distance of greater than 10 feet is acceptable because of the minimal eye movement that occurs with viewing a fixed screen at this distance.

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