Which physical findings are characteristic of coprolalia, in Tourette syndrome (TS) and other tic disorders?

Updated: May 30, 2019
  • Author: William C Robertson, Jr, MD; Chief Editor: Stephen L Nelson, Jr, MD, PhD, FAACPDM, FAAN, FAAP  more...
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Coprolalia refers to unprovoked, unwanted outbursts of obscenities and occurs in 10-40% of patients with TS, depending on the method of ascertainment. Many observers find coprolalia to be uncommon, occurring in fewer than 10% of patients.

A well-known case history describes a woman with coprolalia, among other tics, who became deaf in childhood. [150] She learned sign language and could communicate without tics until becoming fluent, whereupon she developed signing tics, including socially unacceptable signs. Signing tics also occur in prelingually deaf individuals. [151]

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