What are unusual symptoms of migraine in children?

Updated: Aug 15, 2019
  • Author: William C Robertson, Jr, MD; Chief Editor: Amy Kao, MD  more...
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Migraineurs are more prone to motion sickness than are patients without migraine, and intermittent vertigo is found in 63% of patients with classic migraine and in 21% of patients with common migraine.

Cardiovascular reactivity to postural changes tends to be increased in patients with cyclic vomiting and migraine. [13] Also, diarrhea is common in migraine patients and sometimes is severe enough to result in excessive fluid loss and dehydration.

Sleep disturbances are associated with migraines, and somnambulism is found in 20-30% of migraine patients.

Visual discomfort induced by looking at striped patterns may be related to migraines; in one study, striped-pattern aversion was found in 82% of tested migraine patients. [14]

Ice cream ingestion may precipitate migraines. Raskin and Knittle found that ingestion of ice cream caused headache in 93% of migraine subjects. [15]

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