Which studies are included in the workup of migraine in children?

Updated: Aug 15, 2019
  • Author: William C Robertson, Jr, MD; Chief Editor: Amy Kao, MD  more...
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Laboratory and imaging studies are unnecessary for the diagnosis of migraine but may be indicated for the exclusion of other disorders. Investigative studies that may be considered include the following:

  • Neuroimaging studies – Such studies may be worthwhile for children with chronic, progressive headaches; those younger than 4 years; those with a history of seizures, recent head trauma, or significant change in the headache; and those with physical findings suggestive of focal neurologic deficits or papilledema

  • Electroencephalography – This should be reserved for patients with an atypical migraine aura, episodic loss of consciousness, or symptoms suggestive of a seizure disorder

  • Lumbar puncture – This is indicated if meningitis, encephalitis, subarachnoid hemorrhage, or high/low pressure syndromes are considered

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