What is included in patient education about childhood migraine variants (equivalents)?

Updated: Nov 19, 2019
  • Author: Wendy G Mitchell, MD; Chief Editor: Stephen L Nelson, Jr, MD, PhD, FAACPDM, FAAN, FAAP, FANA  more...
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For children with migraine variants, as for all migraine patients, education is an important part of care. Teach patients and families appropriate means of avoiding and managing attacks. Instruct the patient and the parents to keep a detailed diary of episodes, food consumed, activities, and medications. The goal is to identify avoidable precipitants, assess attack patterns, and determine the response to treatment.

Making a specific diagnosis that episodes are migrainous in origin may be quite helpful. Often families are sufficiently relieved to know that the child does not have a more serious condition (eg, a brain tumor) and that further medical intervention may not be necessary.

For patient education resources, see the Headache Center, as well as Causes and Treatments of Migraine and Related Headaches, Alternative and Complementary Approaches to Migraine and Cluster Headaches, Migraine Headache in Children, and Understanding Migraine and Cluster Headache Medications.

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