What are the possible complications of sporadic inclusion body myositis (s-IBM)?

Updated: Jun 08, 2018
  • Author: Michael P Collins, MD; Chief Editor: Nicholas Lorenzo, MD, MHA, CPE  more...
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Risk of falls may be assessed best by a physical therapist.

If the patient's ability to perform his or her job is questioned, a functional or physical capacity evaluation may be appropriate. This typically is performed through physical therapy or a rehabilitation center. Patients are understandably reluctant to surrender their independence in function. However, patients must not be a danger to themselves or others, whether at their employment or in their activities of daily living.

If the patient's ability to operate a motor vehicle is of concern, then this should be noted in the chart and the patient should be advised to seek further evaluation, either through formal assessment at a rehabilitation center or through their local driving licensing authority. Certification for disabled parking should be made when appropriate.

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