What are the signs and symptoms of peripheral neuropathies in neurosarcoidosis?

Updated: Nov 13, 2018
  • Author: Gabriel Bucurescu, MD, MS; Chief Editor: Tarakad S Ramachandran, MBBS, MBA, MPH, FAAN, FACP, FAHA, FRCP, FRCPC, FRS, LRCP, MRCP, MRCS  more...
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Peripheral nerve involvement may result in sensory or motor mononeuropathy, mononeuropathy multiplex, or polyneuropathy. Sensory neuropathy is characterized by loss of sensation and abnormal sensation (eg, tingling, numbness, extremity pain, low back pain, painful patches over the thorax, stocking/glove deficits) Motor neuropathy is characterized by weakness, leading to immobility and joint stiffness. Bell-shaped truncal tightening and pain with sensory disturbance of superficial and deep sensations has also been described. [17]

Patients may present with more focal findings referable to the nerve involved. Thus, polyradiculopathy involving the cauda equina may present as progressive lower extremity weakness with or without sphincter involvement. Mononeuropathies present as symptoms reflecting impairment of function in the particular nerve distribution.

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