Which medications in the drug class Analgesics, Opioid Combos are used in the treatment of Migraine Headache?

Updated: Oct 21, 2019
  • Author: Jasvinder Chawla, MD, MBA; Chief Editor: Helmi L Lutsep, MD  more...
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Analgesics, Opioid Combos

Acetaminophen is often used as abortive therapy for migraines. The combination of acetaminophen and codeine is indicated for the relief of mild to moderate pain.

Codeine/acetaminophen (Tylenol #3, Tylenol #4, Tylenol with Codeine)

This drug combination is indicated for the treatment of mild to moderately severe headache. Note that some patients may respond to maximal acetaminophen alone, without codeine.

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