How does the Alzheimer Functional Assessment Tool measure dining abilities?

Updated: Nov 13, 2019
  • Author: Norberto Alvarez, MD; Chief Editor: Jasvinder Chawla, MD, MBA  more...
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Dining measurement includes the following:

  1. Can prepare simple food (eg, sandwich, toast); can set table and clean up after meal; uses knife and fork to cut food; may or may not use adaptive equipment to eat independently

  2. Can use fork and spoon to eat independently but needs food to be cut

  3. Eats independently with the help of adaptive equipment

  4. Can use fork and spoon to eat independently but may need occasional prompts to start or continue eating; may finger feed; needs food to be cut

  5. Needs physical assistance to complete the meal

  6. Develops swallowing problems; needs change in consistency of food or thick drinks

  7. Completely dependent; may need specialized feeding program

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