Which surgical techniques and drug treatments are indicated for acanthosis nigricans (AN)?

Updated: Oct 14, 2020
  • Author: Jason H Miller, MD; Chief Editor: William D James, MD  more...
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Hyperandrogenemia, insulin resistance, and acanthosis nigricans syndrome (HAIR-AN syndrome) patients may be treated with oral contraceptives and metformin. [1]

Dermabrasion and long-pulsed alexandrite laser therapy may also be used to reduce the bulk of the lesion, with occasional long-term remissions. [36]

Surgical removal of tumors is the mainstay of treatment for malignant acanthosis nigricans, if possible, because clearance following primary malignancy excision has been reported. [37]

Cyproheptadine has been used in cases of malignant acanthosis nigricans because it may inhibit the release of tumor products. [38]

Psoralen plus UVA (PUVA) has been reported as beneficial for symptomatic relief in cases of paraneoplastic acanthosis nigricans. [5]

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